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Let this guide help you navigate the important events while maintaining and improving your healthy lifestyle goals!

What You Get with Rev32 Online

The Logistics

Rev32 Online offers an 8-week fitness program aimed at empowering you to seize control of your health with live-streamed workouts, nutritional services, and dedicated support.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • An 8-week, 32-session program with live-streamed, real-time, and interactive small group workouts led by an elite personal trainer (4x per week).
  • Personalized nutrition coaching with specific macronutrient (protein, fat, and carb) ratios to determine optimal nutrient needs and weight loss goals.
  • Multiple one-on-one private sessions with the head Rev32 trainer to discuss and adjust health and nutrition goals.
  • Weekly wellness sessions with your coach and small group to discuss obstacles, habits, and best practices.
  • Access to countless resources to help you succeed, including meal prep, macro counting, travel workouts, recipes, and more.
  • A community of like-minded friends to share success stories and strategies.
  • Freedom to participate from anywhere.

“I didn’t think I would like Zoom and training at home as much as I do. ”

No more commute to the gym. This works for me! The workouts are well thought out and help me meet my fitness goals. It is nice not to have to wait for machines at the gym. We are getting a lot done in our workouts. The nutrition coaching has been educational and has helped me get my diet under control. I feel like I know what I am doing and like the feedback I get. I also liked the tidbits others shared during our webinar. The webinar was helpful for me to see how tracking and logging accurately can impact my fat loss goals. Much easier than going to a gym. I didn’t think I would like Zoom and training at home as much as I do. I like to be told what to do and how to do it. Angie catches all my form mistakes through Zoom and helps me fix my form so I feel each exercise.”

“After only a few weeks, Rev32 has completely transformed me. ”

“I used to be relatively active and never thought about what I ate. After a couple of injuries, I packed on a lot of fat. I was miserable and knew I needed a change. I joined Rev32 after attending an info session where Angie explained the workouts and answered my questions about nutrition. I’ve always hated strength training and never dieted successfully. I was intimidated but desperate. After the first week, I knew this would work for me. The small group workouts were perfect because the trainers modified the workout for individuals’ abilities, and everyone encouraged each other. Angie evaluated my nutritional needs and helped me set goals and achieve them by analyzing logs daily and making suggestions based on dietary restrictions, preferences, lifestyle, energy level, and goals. After only a few weeks, Rev32 has completely transformed me. In the first four weeks, I lost 10 pounds and several inches of body fat, gained lean muscle, sleep better, and feel better. I know I can sustain these lifestyle changes, so I’m not worried about all the fat and misery coming back. I will sign up again because now I really enjoy it.  When I achieve my body composition goals, I can make new, performance-based goals. In only a few weeks, Rev32 changed my life.”

“I am not constantly comparing myself to other people. ”

“I am loving the online version of Rev32. I have taken a lot of group fitness classes and I have to say that I prefer the online format. I am not rushed to get to class, I am not constantly comparing myself to other people and how many reps they are doing or what weights they are lifting or where they are in their fitness journey. I am able to focus on myself, pay attention to my own body, and do what is best for me. I am quickly getting the hang of macro tracking and can honestly say I never feel hungry. Many thanks to Angie for her expert guidance!”

“I felt a true camaraderie with the other Rev32 participants... ”

“I joined the Rev32 program several months after having my third child in an effort to lose the 70lbs I had gained during my pregnancy. I couldn’t have created a more perfect program for helping through the 6+ months it took me to get back to my pre-baby weight. Angie has the perfect personality to gently, but also firmly, guide you through your workout, while never making you feel stupid for struggling. I felt a true camaraderie with the other Rev32 participants and looked forward to working out with them several times a week. The monthly weigh-ins kept me focused and it was super fun to see my measurements decrease after all my hard work. I seriously couldn’t have been happier with Angie and the program; it was such a life-changer!”

Our next 8-week session begins September 6

Limited spots are available to ensure you get the personal support you need to reach your goals. Enrollment for our September session opens July 22. Click below to join our waitlist!