Class Registration

Rev32 In-Club Experience Class
Tuesday, April 20 | 9:00am
Join the Rev32 Team and learn about the program and experience a group training session first-hand! We will kick off your Rev32 Experience with why we have continued this program for over 10 years (so many amazing success stories), how Rev32 has worked so well for so many people (it’s all about sustainable changes!), and how the program works (nutrition, fitness, healthy habits, one-on-one sessions, accountability, community, and more). Then we will jump into our group training session. Keep in mind, this is a sample training. We don’t know everyone’s abilities just yet but this is where we will start to build our relationship and get to know you. We will use foundational movement with lots of variations for you to customize the workout based on your ability. Whether you’re working out for the first time or have a steady fitness routine going, this group training session will meet you where you’re at.